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Amazon Prime Review: A Terrific Deal for Canadians


This is our review of Amazon Prime Canada.  It is an incredible service for Canadians who like to watch TV. If you have to choose one VOD service, we recommend this service (but, if you can afford two, keep Netflix as well). Both have great content and lots of it, but Prime comes with a few bonuses!

Both Amazon Prime and Netflix are very easy to use, both have great original content, like House of Cards on Netflix and Transparent on Amazon, but Amazon is superior because of all the extras and a few other features.

The Price:  Netflix is $12 per month and Amazon Prime is $79 per year which is almost half the price.  Both offer a lot of great content, but Amazon Prime does it at a much cheaper price.  Bell’s CraveTV is also cheaper than Netflix, but it’s still more expensive than Amazon Prime.

The extras: Netfix and CraveTV are just streaming services.  Amazon prime comes with a few extras.  They offer FREE 2 day shipping on everything in their store.  For many people, who shop heavily on, this is worth the 79 dollars alone.  If you’re into watching gamers stream, Amazon Prime also comes with a free Prime subscription.  This allows you to view ad free and gives you one free Twitch channel subscription per month (a channel subscription costs about $6.99/month).  So you can support your favorite streamer for free!  Many kids who love to watch game streams get Amazon Prime just for the Twitch Prime subscription.

Conclusion:    Amazon Prime is well worth worth it.  For the variety of programming, the extras, and the cheaper price.  What is not to love?  It’s clearly superior to Netflix.

You can sign up for Amazon Prime here.

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