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Should I get Amazon Prime, Netflix or


For Canadians, deciding whether you should get Amazon Prime, Netflix, or CraveTV to satisfy your streaming needs can be a difficult decision.  Because each of these streaming services offers different, unique, and interesting content.  The purpose of this article to try and help you make that decision.


Under ideal conditions, we would simply recommend that you get all three.  But, in reality, that’s a lot of subscription fees to pay monthly for many budgets.  So, how do you make the decision?  It really depends on your interests and needs as a viewer.  At face value, for most Canadians, Amazon Prime Video provides the most benefits and perks, but, depending on your circumstances, we might recommend Netflix or Crave.

Should I get Amazon Prime?

If you order things regularly (or semi-regularly) from Amazon, then getting Amazon prime for the unlimited FREE, two day shipping service might be worth much more than the prime video service.  Neither Crave TV or Netflix offer anything beyond streamed content, so it’s not even really a fair comparison.  Amazon Prime also gives customers access to Prime, so for video game streaming enthusiasts, this is another huge plus.  Twitch prime subscribers get a free channel subscription as well as other perks.  (A channel subscription costs roughly $5.99 per month, which itself is close to the price of Amazon Prime).   Finally, Amazon prime is cheaper than the other two services! If you pay annually, the service is just $6.50 monthly.

Further, Amazon Prime video has all kinds of great original content as well as thousands of films to stream.  You can sign up here > Amazon Prime Video

Should I get Netflix Canada?

Netflix really only beats Amazon Prime if you must have their exclusive content and there is a lot of it.  Too much to list here.  Some of their flagship original series include Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and the mega-hit Stranger Things.  If you’re really into one or more of their exclusive projects, then you really don’t have a choice if you want to view these series (or original films).  If you’re not – or, if you’re into one of the many quality original programs on Amazon Prime, then Netflix really doesn’t offer anything superior to Amazon Prime.  At $11/month, the cost is nearly double the price of Prime Video

You can sign up for Netflix at

Should I get Netflix CraveTV?

CraveTV, the 3rd major option, owned and operated by Bell will not be the best choice for MOST people, but it does offer a few very enticing advantages.  They don’t have much in the way of original programming, but they do have many programs that are not available on any other streaming service in Canada.  Their catalogue includes nearly every popular American show (.e.g Seinfeld) that Bell has the Canadian rights to as well as every HBO show that is no longer in product.  Yes, that means the Sopranos, the Wire and many other amazing programs.  For me, this is a must have, as I’m probably the biggest Sopranos fan in the country.

At $8/ month it’s cheaper than Netflix, but still more expensive than Amazon Prime.  So, the bottom line is Crave is only the best service for people who want to watch their legacy programming.  You can get CraveTV at


Some research has shown that CraveTV and Netflix and Amazon (to a much lesser extent) have very little overlap, so you get very different content with each service.  So, you need to do some research before you make your decision.

Thanks for reading!


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