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The 5 Best Cartoons of All Time


The best animated TV shows of all time are hard to choose, but after racking my brains, I think I have come up with a list that is satisfactory.

5.  Batman The Animated Series

It’s hard to believe it, but I believe this cartoon from the mid 90’s to be the best iteration of the Batman franchise ever.  Quite a statement, I know.  But, the animation, the stellar voice acting, the gloomy setting, the incredible writing, the memorable music propel this “kid’s show” into some of the best animated television to date.    One of the greatest aspects of this series is the breakneak pacing.  Since the show is only 22 minutes (longer in multipart series), you’d think it would struggle to present an interesting Batman story in that time.  However, it never fails to amaze me how well they fit a tight little story into those tight constraints.  Compare that to a bloated Christopher Nolan film and it will be like a breath of fresh air.  Incidentally, I believe the animated Mask of the Phantasm Batman film to be the best Batman film.

4.  Bojack Horseman.  Though a bit asinine at times, the darkly creative humor, the existential writing, and absolutely incredible voice acting make this show an instant classic.  It will make you feel glum, make you laugh, and poke fun of the dark side of Hollywood in a way that is fresh and never tired (as so many Hollywood insider programs tend to be).  This show is a must watch.

3. King of the Hill.   A completely lovable show about a rednecks that never stoops to the level of cruelly making fun of them – as so many Hollywood productions would not be able to resist.   The show is so delightfully deadpan.

2.  South Park.  It’s been on for ages and many episodes are hit-or-miss, but it’s almost always very current and very biting satire.  Some of the best moments are the funniest television you will ever see.

1. The Simpsons.  It’s no surprise that this show is number 1 on our list.  Since we ranked it as the number 1 funniest show of all time and number 3 on our greatest TV shows of all time, it’s a deadringer for #1 on this list.  Keep in mind though, as we’ve mentioned in our other articles, this rating is for only roughly Seasons 2-7.  While there are funny episodes outside of these seasons, it’s not number 1 and sometimes, it’s simply dreadful.

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